Since our modest beginnings in 2002, Patty Flemings Irish Pub has held to the highest standards of both food quality and service.

From house-roasted meats to a variety of homemade soups, sauces, hand-pattied burgers, and much more, we at Patty Flemings believe our customers deserve these extra steps to bring you the very best.

Over the years Patty Flemings Irish Pub has developed a “Why Not” attitude when it comes to exciting ideas and new opportunities. We are firm believers in shopping locally and giving back to our community.


We appreciate all feedback from our customers! Whether you have a compliment to deliver, a complaint to make, or just have something you would like to suggest, please fill out the form below.


Thank you Hemlock for your support and for welcoming us to your home. We look forward to serving you great food!

Patty Fleming’s Irish Pub
265 West Saginaw Street
Hemlock, Michigan 48626
(989) 301-0216